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Police Favour Bigamy Over Child Protection

According to the ever-accurate Daily Mail, Police figures reveal that between 1998 and 2009 over 1,000 cases of bigamy were investigated in England and Wales with 200 convictions resulting.  In February 2015 a Bristol man Adrian Linham pictured was jailed for 4 months for bigamy.  After the revelations in Rochdale and various other UK cities of the police failing to protect large numbers of under-age children in care from abuse by Pakistani taxi drivers who groomed them, it seems incredible even scandalous that the police in many parts of the UK are wasting so much time on these paperwork offences.

Earlier this year they even convicted one of their own, Caroline Baker from Gateshead who was given a 4 month suspended sentence because her divorce paperwork had not been completed.  When is this nonsense and waste of resources going to stop?  Why destroy a perfectly good police officer’s career over something far less significant than being gay?  Anyone questioning this assertion only needs to look at the history of the relevant act – The Offences Against the Person Act of 1861 and see how this puritanical legislation remains over 400 years out of date on our statute books long after the gay and adultery parts of it were decriminalised.

It is hard to imagine that even just 40 years ago being gay was considered a worst crime and one that got even more attention from the gutter press than bigamy does today – I was reminded of the sad case of Jeremy Thorpe this week when watching the Daily Politics show on BBC2 and the disgusting way he was treated.  For that to happen now would be considered unacceptable and yet bigamists are treated just as bad as the sodomists were then.  The arbitrary way that the law is used against “offenders” often triggered by those with an axe-to-grind against the defendant.  The whole thing is so petty it would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that people’s lives and careers are being unnecessarily damaged.   Reminiscent of the stupid and arbitrarily applied communist society laws to their citizens.  Still I guess it helps keep the lawyers, police and Judges in jobs which is why they continue to peddle it.