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Serious Criminal Acts Now Legalised

So gay marriage has finally made it onto the statute books in common with many other Western countries.  Until the 1861 Offenses Against the Persons Act the act of gay sex was punishable by death.  The Act then reduced it to a 25 year life imprisonment.  That same Act gave the sentence for bigamy as 7 years ie almost a quarter as serious.  Fast-forward to today and we now have gay sex as a perfectly acceptable and legal practice and have now even legislated for what before would have been categorised as repeat offending ie gay marriage.  But what about the far less serious bigamy offence?  Oh that is still a criminal offence and people are regularly being arrested by the police, held in police cells and prosecuted in our courts and handed out fines and prison sentences.  How civilised is that?  Where is the great equity that UK law prides itself on?  The fact is that bigamy is a complete and utter nonsense, it is not a real offence as the only person it offends is the State and it’s paperwork (oh and the army of divorce lawyers who need to be kept in jobs) It needs urgent abolishment now!