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The criminal justice system has expended yet thousands more hours of police time and squandered yet more millions of pounds of public money (which was intended for fighting real criminals) on the latest Operation Yew Tree flop.  Of the many accusations Dave Lee Travis has managed to bat them all off apart from this one which resulted in a suspended sentence.  A simple question that no one seems to be asking is “What evidence is there that he committed this crime?”.  It is the alleged victim’s word against  him, no photographs, no video, no tape recording, no third party verification, no DNA, no witnesses just nothing but an allegation.  Not even that usual flimsy excuse that the Yew Tree prosecutors usually grasp at of  a “pattern” of many victims describing similar circumstances.   The only tactic left was to throw as much mud at him as possible in the hope – and could only be a hope as it was not based on facts – that some of it would stick.  So how on earth can he be found guilty “beyond reasonable doubt”?  In the absence of his confession that is an impossibility.  One thing at least we can be grateful for is that he wasn’t sent to prison for years on the basis of no evidence like Rolf Harris, Max Clifford and various others have been.

Surely it is about time to adopt a piece of the Scottish legal system whereby sexual crimes have to be corroborated by another person in order to be prosecuted.  We need to stop this mob justice and the blighting and turning of our criminal justice system into a complete joke.  When will a senior judge in this country stand up and be counted? To speak out and say what many ordinary folk think to bring a stop this nonsense?

Why should we worry?  Well if this can happen to DLT with all his friends, status and money then it can happen to anyone of us who are accused of anything no matter how minor.  It is equally disgusting to see the BBC airing interviews at primetime with another of his alleged victims casting accusations and slurs at him without him being present to give a reply – especially after they protected Jimmy Savile for so long, what hypocrites!   It is just down to whether the police wish to continue misappropriating their resources in pursuing these cases instead of fighting the real criminals, like those who abused under-age girls in care in Rotherham and many other of our cities, or those who stab over 100 people a day in London and mostly go undetected.   Is the alleged fondling of a breast 20 years ago so much more important than violent crime and murder?  We all know the answer to that one so why do they do it?  Simple – they are easy targets and the associated great publicity if they win and no downside if they loose.  Their unlimited resources are like a water cannon blasting at anything they point it at.  And do they compensate the real victims in all this, ie the defendants who have to sell their houses to fund their defenses?  No of course not.  It is obvious that DLT is very angry about what has been done to him, and rightly so, although he is criticised for it!  He has lost his home and career over it.  For them it is win-win even if they loose since they don’t pay for any failures, we the public pick up the tab.    Dare they now be accountable and tell us how much money they have wasted on this case and all the other cases in Operation Yew Tree, or are they too busy out celebrating their latest great “success”?  Isn’t it time to stop this out-of-control madness?