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Same sex marriage 3 – multiple sex marriage 0

Gay rights are being further extended with same sex marriage whilst multiple sex marriages remain criminal offences.  David Cameron has been pushing for a change in the law on same sex marriage with the first vote passing last night in the House of Commons.  When will he do the same for multiple sex marriages ie polygamous marriages?  Only 50 years ago it was a criminal offence to engage in any homosexual act.  Since then it has been not only decriminalised but also is now being made a legitimate from of marriage.  It is hideous to think that people were arrested by the police, brought before the courts at great public expense and sent to prison and/or fined for simply engaging in a gay act.  Yet exactly the same treatment is being dished out to people who have fallen foul of the bigamy laws despite the fact that in practical terms bigamy is practiced by a large percentage of the population in the form of legal serial monogamy or unregistered bigamy (people engaging in multiple long-term sexual relationships).  How crazy and indiscriminate is that?  It is only a matter of time before a serious challenge to the UK is brought under the European Human Rights Act and the law is changed.  But why not change it now and tack it on to the bill guaranteeing more rights for gay people but nothing for those that want to be free to have multiple marriages?