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In a textbook example of how a public body wastes public money without any accountability consider the profligate spending on guarding Julian Assange at the Equadorian Embassy in London. The Met’s own figures are £11,000 per day!!!  Now just how many criminals could they have caught if they had spent this money on what it was meant for ie stopping crime in the capital?  How many burglaries, rapes or even murders could have been prevented if this money had been deployed as it was intended?  It is a scandal and total misuse of public money.  It also demonstrates how massively inefficient the Police are that should a simple operation should cost a whopping £11,000/day when they could easily employ an security guard contractor for £100/day.  And to cap it all their arrogance in justifying this figure or even providing a breakdown is breathtaking in the extreme.  The public have no choice in paying their Council Tax and can be sent to prison if they refuse to.  This gives cart blanche to the Met Police to waste it how they want.  Please can someone with half a brain step in and stop this nonsense?  When we have homeless people sleeping on our streets and eating from foodbanks how can this be justified? Boris please can you bring some common sense and sanity to bear???