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No Bigamy Crime Farce

Mick Philpot is someone who to everyone’s disgust fathered 17 kids by 2 different women who he was living with and having sexual relations with at the same time.  He then expected the state to pick up the tab to pay for it all and as we all now know then committed a most heinous crime of killing 6 of his kids and tried to place the blame on one of his wives.  Here was a man openly living in a bigamous lifestyle and yet the police never intervened – what a complete farce this law is!  Indeed this 400 year old law we have against bigamy is useless to prevent real bigamy happening so why do we still have it on the statue books?  Instead is can only be used against those who for whatever reason make a mistake in not completing their divorces in time before remarrying – not what parliament ever intended it for.  So why keep it?

One noticeable comment on this sad case is that Philpot would never have even contemplated his awful crime were it not for the inequitable treatment he had received previously at the hands of the family court where he previously lost residency of 3 of his children – something that was so painful he couldn’t possibly bear to happen again.  Such a result sets of a very powerful emotional force in a man.  When couples split up  (whether married or not) the residency of the kids should by law be joint by default.  This happens in many other countries and should happen in the UK.