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No one who works with children is safe now

With Rolf Harris and Max Clifford both put away for substantial prison terms based on “evidence” so flimsy that it can’t even rate as circumstantial,  it was only a matter of time before more “innocent victims” jumped onto the gravy train.  It is obvious to anyone who looks in detail at these cases that these men are innocent and have been failed by a broken justice system that operated like mob rule.   It is shameful that the Judges in these cases didn’t have the guts to dismiss the cases for lack of any proper evidence.  Compare this to the Shrien Dewani case in South Africa where the judge Jeanette Traverso who courageously abandoned the trial, despite the media circus outside, for lack of any concrete evidence.

One of the most important roles of the court is to weigh the evidence put before it and not just accept it.  When it becomes something that cannot be weighed then no-one is safe.  We have seen over the years how supposedly fail-safe 100% guaranteed methods like DNA and fingerprinting (and Peter Meadow’s completely ridiculous  “Shaken Baby Syndrome” which sent many innocent victims to prison) have been disproved and discredited despite many innocent people having being convicted based on their “infallibility”.   More recently and equally disturbing, ie last year, we are seeing parents who were convicted of child abuse because their children’s bones were brittle simply due to insufficient vitamin D.  They have not been freed yet but at least the crazy theory that the jury convicted on has been blown apart by the BBC in their documentary I Want My Baby Back.   The idea that these parents were monsters for perpetuating a despicable crime on babies was so strong that all rational explanations including the truth were thrown out the window.  These poor parents have also had to deal with the double whammy of the evil Family Courts which operate in complete secret far away from any public scrutiny or transparency.  Social workers, medics and police with unlimited public funds at their disposal ganged up on innocent parents in the secret Family Courts to have them removed children and put them “into care” causing far more mental damage to the kids than was ever caused by their physical injuries  (and we all know what that means, ie anything but care).  They did this simply by based on  a theory that they had physically abused their kids and that no other explanation was possible.

These “scientific” methods meant that the testing of the evidence was not possible by the court.  It was black and white and the Jury had no choice but to convict.  No weighing of the evidence took place nor consideration given that it might be wrong, contaminated or lacking in substance or have an alternative explanation in some way .  Once a theory We are seeing the same thing happen here.  Juries are told that “memories” no matter how faint and how long ago cannot be wrong if held by multiple “victims” against the defendant.  No other possibility is entertained and the Jury are virtually ordered to find guilt.  In time this theory will be disproved and debunked and everyone will realise what huge miscarriages of justice have taken place just  like  – indeed it already has by some serious academics but they were not called to the trial – shame on the legal defense teams.

In the meantime anyone who works with children is fair game and vulnerable.  Teachers, doctors, nurses, youth workers, social workers, priests even police.  You need to protect yourselves.  Don’t risk being alone with children in your work or if you are then ensure it is videotaped to avoid allegations emerging in 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years time that you molested them based on nothing more than their word.  We don’t allow it for any other crimes so why when it comes to sexual child abuse – which we all find abhorrent – do we abandon our common sense, our safeguards and the very core function of the courts?  Many innocent people have been and continue to be sent to prison for long sentences based on cart blanche supposedly 100% iron clad explanations guaranteed by the “professionals” with no proper scrutiny or weighing by the legal teams, judges and jury.  We need to wake-up and stop this happening, why because who knows you could be next.