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It is time to wake up and face the facts!

Many people are finally beginning to wake-up and realise that there has been a terrible miscarriage of justice with the Rolf Harris case.  They are shocked to learn that one of Britain’s best loved entertainers is innocent and has been destroyed and imprisoned by an nefarious pact between misguided police officers in Operation Yew Tree, the CPS, the media and gold digging “victims”.  This pact, buoyed in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the Leverson and phone hacking enquries along with the Judas media who, having benefited from his rise, now went on to benefit from his fall.  Add to this mix an ace QC prosecuting barrister with questionable morals, a very weak defense team, a weak jury of dubious composition (who were influenced by the  adverse press coverage circulating before the trial started) and a Judge who allowed untrue testimony and “evidence” to be changed during the trial to fit the actual real facts.   The trap was set for everyone to make lots of money and gain great PR and kudos from Rolf Harris’ destruction, and at his expense.

On a closer look the appalling way that Rolf Harris has been treated beggar’s belief.  The whole Star Chamber like trial that was based on absolutely no proper evidence.  The whistle was first blown and reported here (on the blue link to the left) almost a year ago when the anti-Harris frenzy in the media was in full blast.   He was well and truly stitched up in a trial that Judge Justice Sweeney should have dismissed before it even reached court not only on the lack of evidence (which should be core to any trial) but on the unreliability of the witnesses along with their well publicised TV interviews that surely must have influenced the jury.  The gold digging “victims” are all in line for big payouts from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and some have already benefited substantially, eg the leading victim Tonya Lee has already had $33,000 from an Australian TV station for her interview.  Another one, it has since emerged, was in great debt and near bankrupt had tried to extract large sums from Rolf Harris.  Some were proven to have lied in court over certain key dates, ages and places where the alleged offences took place and these details were changed mid-trial to suit other irrefutable facts.  The prosecution barrister Sasha Wass QC, better known for her failed defense of mass murderer Rosemary West and successful prosecution of Kweku Adoboli (another conviction that raises moral questions with the real villains getting off Scott-free, but not a matter for here)  should have known better than to take this case and send an innocent elderly man to prison for 5 years on what she and anyone else clearly see is a lack of proper evidence.  Failing to have any real evidence she resorted to having to set clever mental traps in court for the elderly Rolf Harris to innocently walk into. She also made spiteful comments about the family’s daily walk of Rolf’s very  ill wife to and from the trial, claiming it was done for the benefit of the press.  I pity the poor defendants in the St Helena Child Abuse Inquiry that she has now been appointed by the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to lead.  Will they be likely to fare any better? – I do hope she turns her venom on the real criminals.

This so called evidence amounted to a few distant memories of things that happened decades ago and the wonderfully “powerful” police “pattern of abuse” – what a joke!   If this is what everything hinged on then why wasn’t a single memory expert called or any psychologists to test the evidence – yes test, for that is at the core of what a court is meant to do!!! How reliable and how accurate were those memories?  We will never know.  In the absence of any real evidence, ie photographic, video, DNA or actual witnesses then nothing has been proven, yet alone proven beyond reasonable doubt.  As to the pattern that the CPS relied so heavily on that can be refuted by anyone with even a basic grasp of statistics.  Statistics 101 tells us that there are many patterns of behaviour around us giving the impression of cause and effect but very few are actually causal, that is where statistical significance comes in to test the probability of causality.  The most well known is the strong relationship between women’s hemlines and the stock market!  However there was no mention of any of this at his trial. Why?

Furthermore why was the punishment so harsh?  Even if it were true – and I don’t for one second think that to be so – then a 5 year imprisonment for touching a teenager?  Remember that he wasn’t even alleged to have raped any of them just that he touched them or patted their bottoms.  Compare this to a the sentence handed down to a local woman in Reading last year for killing a cyclist father of 2 whilst using her sat nav of just 3 years.  Where are the scales of justice here?  And why was he not allowed any appeal? If that other failed part of the criminal justice system The Criminal Cases Review Commission wouldn’t grant an appeal in such a flaky case as this what hope is there for the rest of us?

Now set this against the truly horrendous stories that have emerged over the past year of genuine and massive child abuse in many of our big cities by Asian gangs on teenagers supposedly “in care”.  The enormous failings of the police, CPS and local authorities to act on reports going back decades is beyond belief.  In these cases the evidence is real and recent so why are the police wasting time and money chasing celebrities on their highly dubious Operation Yew Tree witch-hunt whilst far more egregious crimes are being committed under their noses?  The only difference between these 2 groups of criminals is that one has lots of money, PR and career kudos attached to it whereas the other doesn’t.  This  is what sadly it seems, our criminal justice system is now driven by.

Why should we be at all concerned?  Well if it can happen to a huge celebrity with big financial resources at his disposal then it can happen to any of us. Anyone working with children can now never afford to be alone or without a camera or GoPro recording all of their interactions.  Neither can any physical contact be tolerated for fear it could be misconstrued as sexual so what will not happen if a 6 year old falls over at school and is crying? An arm’s length verbal response?   Rolf Harris was a very tactile person who gave lots of hugs to everyone.  We all need people like that around to make us feel good about ourselves and expunging it from our society will make us all worse off.  The phychological harm this will bring the next generation of children will be untold as will the number of innocent teachers, youth workers, doctors and medics who end up in prison.

It is now time to fight back. It is great to see Rolf Harris’s daughter Bindi speaking out in the media this week.

Let’s end this tragic injuutice and support Rolf Harris by reading up on the details of the trial and signing his petition:

Rolf Harris is Innocent website.

Rolf Harris Facebook page.