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So the police desperate for some better PR after Operation Midland has turned into a complete flop have returned to their old punchbag Rolf Harris, whose conviction has proved that their strategy was right all along – not!  It worked before and they had great success at getting an innocent man convicted with no proper evidence at all so why not try again?  Well hopefully this time Rolf will get himself a decent lawyer who will do his job properly, likewise a judge and jury who can actually understand evidence, weigh it and administer justice without giving in to the media fed mob baying for his blood.   My only hope is that this old frail man is not badgered into trading what remains of his reputation for freedom by admitting to these new charges – no doubt what the police desperately want in order to be their insurance and vindicate them now that the pendulum is finally starting to swing against the celebrity and public figure sex abuse fake allegations. It has taken the scandal where the likes of anonymous allegations from “Nick” whose lies led to 90 year old Lord Bramhall, one of Britain’s most respected men, being arrested and having his home raided by 20 officers – what were they expecting a hidden battalion of SAS at his home?  If it can happen to him then it can happen to any one of us.