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Children Suffer while Child Protection Police Waste Time

The Daniel Pelka case that was sentenced today is truly horrific and upsetting for any parent.  The big question now is why the very people who were meant to protect little Daniel didn’t prevent this from happening.  The 4 groups who should also have been in the doc this week as well and charged with neglect of duty are the police, health professionals, social workers and teachers.   However all of these groups have been shielded from the current public glare by hiding behind a “Serious Case Review” which will take 6 weeks to find out what went wrong.  Why couldn’t this have been started weeks ago?  Why can’t the leaders of these groups express great concern at their apparent failings?  No doubt the conclusion of such a review will be just another Baby P result  where no one and everyone was responsible.  No one will be prosecuted for such serious neglect of duty and no one will loose their jobs over it.  What is the point of having all this child protection stuff, at great cost to the public purs,e when it fails so spectacularly and so regularly?

It was really quite nauseating to watch the CPS spokesman outside the court today give a self congratulatory eulogy to the police (who are their mates down the corridor) for doing such a great job when they had failed so spectacularly to prevent his death when they could have.  The police knew all about the murderer Mariusz Krezolek in advance of Daniel’s death and knew about earlier injuries to the toddler but failed to deal with what was going on.  Their job is to “protect and serve” and to above all protect the most vulnerable in society, the young and indefensible.

The video footage of Daniel being picked up at his school by his mother is very distressing for any parent to watch as one can immediately feel for his situation.  It does reveal a serious problem to anyone who watches it and yet the school – who had plenty of other alarm bells also ringing in their faces – failed to protect him.  As for the social workers – well we all expect them to fail in these situations, so no surprise there, we’ll just watch them replay the record of excuses.

What does this all have to do with bigamy?  Well the Thames Valley police officer who spent hours bringing Peter Lloyd to court for his bigamy offence – in reality nothing more than a minor paperwork offence see his story elsewhere on this site – actually worked in the child protection unit.  So instead of getting on with the job she was meant to be doing – that of protecting vulnerable kids like Daniel – she was was wasting valuable police time on investigating him.  That was not her fault as she was pushed by the ever incompetent UK Border Force and backed by a senior TVP police officer and the CPS who decided that this was a good use of police time instead of the far more important work of child protection.  What a perverted set of priorities!  Shortly after his case TVP were publicly criticised for their failings in Oxford in protecting vulnerable teenagers who were lured into a child prostitution ring where again they failed to pickup on what was going on under their noses until it was far too late. Now we know why.  They are distracted by and prioritise the easy cases like bigamy instead of doing the real hard work of bringing those who are a danger to our children to court.  How many other minor offences are the police being made to waste time on while Rome burns?  If the police cannot protect the vulnerable infants in our society then it is time to replace them with a body that can and will take its responsibilities seriously and discharges them with proper focus and efficiency. This murder was entirely preventable.  Those that have failed him need to bought to account and judged for their failings.  Terrible murders of young children like Daniel Pelka cannot be permitted to continue to take place in 2013 in England.