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UK Border Police Bully Easy Targets:

This week brought us the Home Office’s farcical and nasty sight of mobile billboards targeting illegal immigrants.  Reminiscent of the old TV Detector vans (although without the pretend antennae on the top and probably as much use) they adopt the same scare tactics.  We don’t see these for any other common crimes such as burglary, drunkeness, speeding and drug-taking so why is public money being spent against immigrants?

And if we didn’t need any more evidence that the Home Office is being racist we are then presented with “made for TV” footage of Border Force police picking up the easy targets of brown and black people working in car washes and indian restaurants, the results of which are then tweeted.   You never see them targeting Chelsea or Kensington but the tube stations in Stratford and Walthamstow, and you never see them stop a white face only black or brown.  These victims who spoke little or no English, and with no translators present, were rattled off their rights which they clearly didn’t understand as they were next seen giving self-incriminatory evidence to the police  – which no one would do if they really understood what was happening. So the Home Office border police were simply threatening, bullying and tricking their easy target immigrants into making confessions with no proper respect for the law. You can even see the border police laughing that their victims don’t understand what they are being told.  All well and good if they are here illegally surely you might say?  Well no, don’t we pride ourselves on having a criminal justice system that is fair, equitable and just? Why don’t we endorse the use of torture on terror suspects? What sort of law enforcement agency is it which breaks the very law they are meant to be enforcing? Isn’t that corruption? This is hypocrisy on an institutional scale.  It is one step down the road to a world of anarchy where everyone is guilty and the only thing that matters is not getting caught.  That is the ethics of the wild west not a so-called civilised country like England.

The Home Office’s own policy is meant to comply with the law against racial discrimination.  And yet they are clearly racially profiling groups of brown and black skinned workers.  They are also meant to only stop and arrest where they have a reasonable suspicion and not go on “fishing trips” where they are just hoping to pick up some immigrants.

from the Home Office Twitter feed

I thought that Cameron and his merry clan were meant to be shedding the “nasty party” image.  This pernicious, nasty and cavalier behaviour comes from Theresa May and particularly Mark Harper and his immigration department.  It is certainly destroying the recent work that David Cameron has done in the improving the party’s image in the gay community – shooting themselves in the foot yet again. They pick and choose which laws they wish to enforce and no more so than the law of bigamy. Most of the cases now prosecuted arise from the UK Border Agency/Force and its “not fit for purpose” department pushing the police and “criminal justice system” to do their dirty work again in a completely discriminatory way.

Nigel Farage’s comment on this grissly behaviour is one more reason to vote UKIP at the next election.  My lifelong support of the Tory party has ended.  The big question for me now is “who is going to go around and arrest the bully boy Border Force police and workers who are breaking the law and send them home where they belong”?